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Outfit of the day

Happy Thursday everyone! What is your outfit of the day? We pick Bella flower as an outfit of the day.  Summer thoughts:  happy sun ice cream starfish sail    and of course, the feeling of linen <3 

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Happy Summer Lifestyle

Everytime I think about summer, I think about happy & fun life, comfortable & bright clothes.  When I lived in the cold cities, I always looked forward to the summer.  During summer, I would start checking out my closet and get excited about which dress I would wear and which shoes.  What does my happy summer lifestyle look like?  Beach: I love the beach.  Watersports: SUP, wakeboarding, and surfing Clothes: linen & chiffon dresses, shorts (comfortable clothes)  Colors for clothes: bright colors: white, purple, blue, pink Sandals: brown, white, and black sandals Juices: pineapple, coconut, strawberry, and watermelon juices Food: BBQ chicken, papaya salad, grilled seafood, seafood pizza What about yours? 

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