Top 5 Best Yummy Restaurants in Koh Samui, Thailand

As you may know, we relocated from Bangkok to Koh Samui, Surat thani (South of Thailand). But, our production team is still in Bangkok. When I moved here, I looked for healthy and good restaurants and cafes where I can go and enjoy. After a half year of being on Koh Samui, I have found 5 favorite restaurants and cafes and I wanted to share them with you.

5 Favorite restaurants and cafes in Koh Samui

  1. Yummy healthy superfood café, Wild Tribe is locating the end of Lamai beach road. I usually go there for breakfast. A scrambled egg with toast and vegetables is my favorite dish there. I usually drink an iced latte with almond milk with my breakfast. Every meal they serve with free Thai herbal tea and water. 



  1. This is a secret for sweet tooth. When you drive up to the exist of Lamai (the same road as Wild tribe), you will see Lolamui cafe opposite to family. I love to go to this place on my cheat day. They have amazing cakes. My favorite cake is dark beer cake. It will be even better when eating it with a shot of espresso. My second favorite is coconut cake. There is fresh young coconut in the bottom of the cake. Yummy!

  1. When I first moved to Samui, I want to keep my healthy lifestyle while living here. I found healthy food restaurant called Lamphu. I went to eat there very often. My favorite dish is baked rice with kimchi. Every time I go there, I end up spending a lot of money because I always buy their superfood and other healthy snack. They have very good products.

  1. The Spa Resorts is one of healthy restaurants that I like to go. They are really good food. My favorite food was their panang tofu (red curry) with riceberry. I always go there when I want to have healthy food by beach.

  1. When I want to drink coffee by beach, I usually go to Promtsuk Buri resort for coffee. Their staffs are very nice. They never messed up our order, unsweetened latte. When you order iced coffee in Thailand, they like to put sugar and condensed milk into coffee. So if you order unsweetened coffee, they still put a little bit of condensed milk into your coffee. I have to order unsweetened coffee without sugar and condense but regular milk. haha This place make my order correct at the start. I didn't have to make a lot of effort of ordering unsweetened iced latte. I like to go there for nice breeze and enjoy time on the beach. If the weather is really nice, I go in the water. The water is very clear and the sand is so soft. Silver beach is my favorite beach in Samui 

PS I always bring my Suzy linen bag with me anywhere I go. This pic was taken at Silver beach in front of Promtsuk Buri resort.