Taiwaree- Summer Lifestyle at the Special Women's Market Event


Last weekend Taiwaree - Summer Lifestyle joined the Special Women's market event at Tha Maharaj, Bangkok, Thailand. This event was hosted by Connecting founders, a Bangkok-based organization focused on promoting women-led businesses in Southeast Asia.  Our linen collections were on display for the first time in a public setting at our booth after the launch of our website in summer 2016.  It was a great start! It was nice meeting with our customers in person. Some of our existing customers also knew about the event and came to chat with us at our booth - which was awesome!  

Here are some highlights of the event.

One customer from Italy stopped by and came back later with her friends, she gave us really sweet compliments. She was wearing linen as well and even inquired about our international shipping options 

"I really loved the clothing style. They are really nice."

A customer from China came to our shop, she saw our pictures of the collection and thought she knew the model in the picture.  She really liked the Catherine dress and tried it on. Needless to say, she bought it.

A father popped by the store alone to take a look.  He later came back with his daughter. He said

"I told my daughter about the great style of the clothing in the store. So I brought my daughter to take a look."

A customer from Thailand knew us from our web shop (taiwaree.com).  She really liked the style of the clothing when she came to the booth she knew exactly what she wanted.  It was a lovely Bella Blue - which we sold out at the event :)

Some customers said they like how we displayed our products.

"It felt like home. :) "

We would like to say a big thank you to connecting founders for hosting the event and our customers for purchasing dresses and stopping by the booth. Thank you for your support and believing in us!