Taiwaree - Summer Lifestyle at Digital Trade Workshop in Singapore

We got invited to Digital Trade workshop in Singapore. The event was organized by Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition and sponsored by Google. They sponsored our flights and hotel as well. They selected micro-small business and startups to attend this event.

I found this event was very interesting. I would learn a lot and get a chance to meet other entrepreneurs from other APAC countries. So I applied my application to this event and finally got invited.

The event was one day long. The morning session was about

  • Tips and tricks for better communication
  • Understanding key challenges in digital trade and e-commerce
  • Getting to know other entrepreneurs and listening to feedback and showcase from the previous batch what they got after attending this event and so on.

Later we moved to Google Singapore office for the afternoon session. We learned about PR and pitching APAC and US government officials.

What I learned and experienced from this event: 
1. Elevator pitching in front of the government officials. There were APAC and US government officials who came to the event and we did pitch them at round table and got an opportunity to talk to them about our business challenges. 
2. Listening to their feedback on how to effectively reach out to the governments to get something fixed
3. Networking: I met other entrepreneurs from different countries and we shared our experiences on building businesses and we learned from each other a lot.