5 Best Yoga Studios in Koh Samui

4 5 Best Yoga Studios in Koh Samui

Last Updated : December 2019

My summer lifestyle in Koh Samui is about work, activities and relaxing. I have been doing yoga for one year and a half.  I normally do yoga 3-4 times a week if I'm not busy.  Doing yoga gives me energy and makes me happier and healthier. Yoga is a part of my life.  Here are 4 best yoga studios in Koh Samui I have been.

1. Yoga with Mike   is located at Beach Republic Yoga Sala facing to the sea which is very beautiful. The class is running by Mike Cooper.  He teaches Hatha/Iyengar and yin yoga.  His yoga style is focusing on releasing intention of body and mind. In his class, the alignment is really important. He always adjusts the postures for students. He taught me that that the more aligned we are on the postures, the more release we get. As a crossfitter, I found that doing with Mike really helps my body release my muscles tightness and also prevent an injury. I feel really reconnecting with my body and mind in his class. I highly recommend doing Yoga with Mike.  


2. Yoga house & spa is one of my favorite yoga studios in Samui. The studio is located in Lamai beach. When I first came to this place, I was in Teacher Kom’s class. I actually tried his class in Yogarden before. I really liked it. So when I moved to Lamai area, I started going to Yoga house & spa because it’s very close to my place and I love good vibes, friendly owners and more importantly yoga teachers. This place gave me a very warm feeling and felt like him. I love it when yoga teacher adjusts my poses, sometimes I don’t know if I could be more flexible and I felt scared to go further. Once yoga teacher helps me to adjust my alignments, I become more confident in poses. It feels so good. If you are looking for a small class and improving your alignments, yoga house & spa is actually for you. 


3. Samui is a perfect place for yogis. If you like a nice sea view while doing yoga, try Vikasa yoga retreat. This place is amazing for yogis. I like this place because I can do yoga while enjoying a nice sea view. The yoga Sala (yoga studio) is located facing with the sea view. There are around 20-30 people in class. If you are an experienced yogi and beginners and like to do yoga close to the sea, class at Vikasa is good for you.

4. One day I talked to my neighbor about how much I like to eat healthy food. It’s not only healthy but also delicious and gives me so much energy throughout the day. She recommended me try Wild Tribe super food & café. So I went there and try their food. As I remembered I ordered scrambled eggs with toast and latte with almond. They were really good. And later I found out that they offer yoga class there too. Let me give a little bit details more about this place. Wild tribe is a restaurant & café belong to visit natural detox resort. This resort provides some programs to help people lose weight and have a retreat. They offer a yoga class there too. So I was thinking since I like to eat there and why not try yoga class there. Then I went to yoga class there. It was really gentle, focused on muscle stretching and relieving intention. If you do sports; for example running, cycling, kickboxing, crossfit, etc., yoga class at visit natural detox resort is good for you.


5. As I mentioned earlier, I used to live in Bo put before Lamai. Actually I did research about yoga in Bo Put area. Yogarden was on my list. So the first week I arrived to Samui, I went to Yogarden and attended Teacher Kom’s vinyasa class. I liked how he always pay attention on every students in class and adjust their alignments as well. Yogarden is a very nice garden yoga student. They offer many yoga classes and sell healthy food at their café in the studio. If I have a chance to visit Bo Put, I will go to Yogarden again. If you are staying in Bo Put and looking for a cozy yoga studio to practice yoga, Yogarden is good for you.