4 Best Yoga Studios in Koh Samui

4 Best Yoga Studios in Koh Samui

My summer lifestyle in Koh Samui is about work, activities and relaxing. I have been doing yoga for one year and a half.  I normally do yoga 3-4 times a week if I'm not busy.  Doing yoga gives me energy and makes me happier and healthier. Yoga is a part of my life.  Here are 4 best yoga studios in Koh Samui I have been.

  1. Yoga house & spa is one of my favorite yoga studios in Samui. The studio is located in Lamai beach. When I first came to this place, I was in Teacher Kom’s class. I actually tried his class in Yogarden before. I really liked it. So when I moved to Lamai area, I started going to Yoga house & spa because it’s very close to my place and I love good vibes, friendly owners and more importantly yoga teachers. This place gave me a very warm feeling and felt like him. I love it when yoga teacher adjusts my poses, sometimes I don’t know if I could be more flexible and I felt scared to go further. Once yoga teacher helps me to adjust my alignments, I become more confident in poses. It feels so good. If you are looking for a small class and improving your alignments, yoga house & spa is actually for you. 


  1. Samui is a perfect place for yogis. If you like a nice sea view while doing yoga, try Vikasa yoga retreat. This place is amazing for yogis. I like this place because I can do yoga while enjoying a nice sea view. The yoga Sala (yoga studio) is located facing with the sea view. There are around 20-30 people in class. If you are an experienced yogi and beginners and like to do yoga close to the sea, class at Vikasa is good for you.

  1. One day I talked to my neighbor about how much I like to eat healthy food. It’s not only healthy but also delicious and gives me so much energy throughout the day. She recommended me try Wild Tribe super food & café. So I went there and try their food. As I remembered I ordered scrambled eggs with toast and latte with almond. They were really good. And later I found out that they offer yoga class there too. Let me give a little bit details more about this place. Wild tribe is a restaurant & café belong to visit natural detox resort. This resort provides some programs to help people lose weight and have a retreat. They offer a yoga class there too. So I was thinking since I like to eat there and why not try yoga class there. Then I went to yoga class there. It was really gentle, focused on muscle stretching and relieving intention. If you do sports; for example running, cycling, kickboxing, cross fit, etc., yoga class at visit natural detox resort is good for you.


  1. As I mentioned earlier, I used to live in Bo put before Lamai. Actually I did research about yoga in Bo Put area. Yogarden was on my list. So the first week I arrived to Samui, I went to Yogarden and attended Teacher Kom’s vinyasa class. I liked how he always pay attention on every students in class and adjust their alignments as well. Yogarden is a very nice garden yoga student. They offer many yoga classes and sell healthy food at their café in the studio. If I have a chance to visit Bo Put, I will go to Yogarden again. If you are staying in Bo Put and looking for a cozy yoga studio to practice yoga, Yogarden is good for you.