Summer Collection II

Summer is always here for us on Koh Samui. It is going to be hotter here in April. So I would like create more variety of lovely breathable clothes and get ready before the heat comes. Our 2018 new collection will be pants, shorts, sleeveless top, maxi dress and wrap dress.
Our linen clothes are pretty comfortable, lightweight, mostly loose fit design, definitely breathable. I can guarantee when linen is super absorbent and fast to dry when you sweat. It doesn’t stick on your skin when you walk - makes you feel relaxed or sometimes you might feel like wearing nothing. 
Let’s talk about pants and shorts! 
After we got really good feedback on our Ruby linen jumpsuits, I would like to create pants and shorts for women.  So this collection we finally created pants and shorts. Our linen pants are not too long, but not too shorts – perfect cut at your ankle. They are high-waist pants with a belt. I first wore the pants when I traveled abroad. I was making sure they are comfortable for you to wear. Before I launch a collection, I actually wear every piece on a daily basis. before and after I launched them on daily basis.  And yes, I am telling you that they are super comfortable. :-)  I wore them on the flight and while exploring a new city. Those pockets are great. You can fit your passport and plane ticket in them for easily access.
After creating pants, shorts were born. Shorts have a similar style to pants. The back of pants is pretty much the same but obviously shorter (because they are shorts lol) . We added twist style in the front of the shorts that gives your legs a room to breathe and easily move. They are definitely perfect for summer!  I hope you will love them like I do. :-) 
Next blog entry I will talk about new top, maxi dress, and wrap dress. Thank you for reading it.


P.S. The pictures are coming soon!